This is “The One” folks!  I thought I had fallen in love with the cities I have visited in the past, but now in reflection that was just lust.  Prague is “THE City”!

My need for walking up towers, admiring medieval churches and oohing-aahing at opulent castles had been well satiated over the last few weeks.   So when I read and heard about how beautiful the city of Prague (Praha in the Czech language) was, I decided that I would forego most of the traditional tourist spots and just walk the city and absorb the culture and architecture.  The city did not disappoint!

Prague is true “eye candy”.  Everywhere you look there is one beautiful building after another, one beautiful park after another, and one beautiful view after another.




And what makes it different from other European cities, is that the whole city, residential and commercial, has beautiful architecture, not just a specific ‘tourist’ area.  The mix of old and new building designs is fascinating.



There is all kinds of art everywhere!  Even in simple things like park benches and parking posts.

I happened to be visiting during the 26th year celebration of the fall of the communist regime in the old Czechoslovakia and the beginnings of the independent democratic country of the Czech Republic.  It was the annual music festival and the music was incredibly innovative and entertaining.  It was so enjoyable especially since I was missing my beloved Montréal Jazz Fest at home!

This city has energy!  You can sense it even on arrival at the train station.  Perhaps because it is a university town and there is a youthful exuberance that permeates the air.  Whatever the cause or reason, it is fabulous.  Even the Czech language is beautiful to listen to.  It has a soft and lilting tone to it.


I have fallen in love with Praha and have left my heart there.  I will definitely be revisiting this beautiful city in the future!