My time in Italy was soon ending so I decided to make a quick stop in Pisa before leaving for my next country.

Pisa is a perfect one day stopover.  It has the iconic Leaning Tower, beautiful church and baptistry, a museum, the lovely River Arno canal, several bridges and this summer ….Football (soccer to us N.A.’s) Fever!  Pisa is where I truly experienced the Italian fervor for football!

Pisa Cathedral and Leaning Tower in the Piazza dei Miracoli
Building started in 1173.  It is 186 feet high and has 296 steps.
You can see where the stairs have worn down over the last 840 years.












After spending a wonderful afternoon visiting the tourist areas of Pisa and having a delicious dinner at a trattoria beside the Leaning Tower, I chose to end my day by walking along the canal traversing the various bridges along the way back to my accommodations.

Little did I know that the canal is where the Pisano gather once a game is over and Italy has won!  Men and women, young and old, were celebrating the victory and going crazy!  Driving up and down the roads along and over the canal, hanging out of car windows, standing up out of sunroofs, motoring along on motorbikes holding up the Italian team and country flags.  What a sight to experience!

Along the River Arno canal.  You can just see the tops of the cars over the wall.





pisa celebrations

My visit to Pisa was a wonderful way to say Ciao Italia!