It was my day to leave London.  I was very excited to see my friend and get to visit her quaint little town in East Devon in the South-West of the UK., but it was with a heavy heart that I loaded up my backpack.  Of course, I enjoyed all the historical sites and amazing architecture in London, but it was the friendliness and warmth of the people that attracted me to the city.  You can be in a pub, on a bus or in a queue and within five minutes you can meet a friendly Londoner and feel like you have known them your whole life.  London is definitely on my travel “To Do Again” list.

My dear friend had kindly sent me a step-by-step explanation of exactly which train to take, where to sit on the train, when to start preparing to get off the train, and which button to press to open the doors.  I was very prepared.

I made sure to get to the train station with plenty of time to spare, collected my self-service ticket, and when it was time, boarded the First rail-car on the platform.  Now this would not be a problem except for the fact that part way through the journey the train splits and goes in different directions!  Four minutes before departure, the realization came over me that I am supposed to be in the Front rail-car!

I grabbed my luggage and ran down that train platform so fast that the wheels on my luggage must have been airborne and believe me a different F-word was on my mind!

Note to self…First and Front do not mean the same thing!