We think of Paris as the City of Light and the City of Love…..which invariably leads one to think of couples, not single folk….like me.

However, in my brief experience I have discovered that Paris is the perfect city for singles!

There are so many sites to see and so many people seeing the same sites that you are never really alone. Yet when you do want to be alone you can go sit on one of the thousands of park benches or in a café if it is a little chilly.

Cafés in Paris are wonderful for having a leisurely meal or a quick espresso. The waitstaff don`t seem to care how short or long a time you stay.  They will bring you what you ask for and then just leave you alone until you summon them for either something else or for the “l’addition’.

I highly recommend you visit Le Café Marly which is part of the Musée du Louvre.  It is located on the courtyard overlooking the glass Louvre Pyramid.  In summer they have an outdoor terrace which is heated in the spring and fall.  The food is exceptional and the waitstaff are quite charming!

I had a late night drink and snack after the museum closed at 9:30 pm, which it does twice a week (which is a good option for those who don`t like spending a whole day in a museum and don`t want to spend a long time in line-ups for security, tickets or to see the famous Mona Lisa by da Vinci).  I thoroughly enjoyed my homemade and hearty vegetable soup with a glass of chardonnay as the pyramid lights twinkled and lit up the whole courtyard.  It will be one of my favorite memories of my time in Paris.

So the conclusion is that Paris is indeed a City of Love.  You will fall in love with the city itself and you will fall in love with yourself for being courageous enough to embark on such an adventure all on your own!