So I am only on day six of my six month long adventure and I have come to the realization that it makes more sense to write a blog than to write a journal.  Why?

Four reasons:

  1. I can type faster than I can write,
  2. Keyboards don’t run out of ink,
  3. When I am an old lady and want to walk down memory lane, I will be able to zoom the font size on my tablet screen (if we’ll still have such things in the future) and,
  4. It seems like it will be fun!

So I beg of you all to be patient with me as I figure this out.  I will endeavor to write  of my adventures in chronological order.  Some stories will be short and sweet.  Some stories will be long and meandering.

Either way, I hope you will have a laugh or two and sometimes even feel like you are traveling with me.


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